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N ew Guard America, holder of 13 Guinness World Records and 11 world championship competition titles, is the world's only internationally touring professional civilian fixed bayonet rifle exhibition drill team, and has been captivating audiences across the United States since 1997. Widely regarded as the best in the world, New Guard America, features six rifle sequences of such extreme risk and difficulty, they are the only drill team in the world that can perform them. more...

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Feb. 27, 2017 --

The new batch of NGA CC HI drill stocks are now live in the NGA Supply Room!

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"I was on the Navy Honor Guard Drill Team; '04-'06. I just wanted to say thank you one more time for the knowledge you provided when it came to drilling... Thank you for your support of the Navy Honor Guard."

-C. Parker
Navy Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team, United States

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"Many cadets look to you and your team as role models, and what 'right' looks like when it comes to commitment, performance, and professionalism. We could watch your team perform for hours.

I cannot relay how much my drill team members look up to you and your team members. Your team is a true inspiration for them each day."

-Bill J. Lindsey
Sergeant Major, U.S. Army (Retired)
Waynesville High School & Career Center

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"More responses of awe were inspired by the New Guard America rifle drill team than any other performing group [in the Netherlands Military Tattoo]. was a thrill to watch them work with their bayoneted rifles. We were privileged to meet their leader, Constantine Wilson."

-Kristin King
Author, Commentator

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"Your heart-stopping performance at Military Tattoo Luxembourg 2010 was riveting… could have heard a pin drop in that auditorium!"

-Ambassador Cynthia Stroum
U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg

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"New Guard America gave a memorable show of the greatest quality, and is great ambassadors for your country. World class drill performances with spectacular combinations of innovation and new invented rifle movements never seen in Europe before will never be forgotten. It would be a pleasure to welcome you back to the Norwegian Military Tattoo [again]."

-Arne Bård Dalhaug, Lieutenant General
Chief of Defence Staff
Norwegian Armed Forces

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"...I have never seen such a performance in my life. Really, you are the best. You spin and throw the rifle in any possible and impossible way. That’s incredible. Our performance is not even a shadow of yours. I watched [your] video clips again and again and I tried to copy some of your moves. Well, [they're] not that easy like it's seen on the video."

-Corporal H. Peter
Army Honor Guard Drill Team, Slovenia

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"It's really thrilling and exciting to watch you perform. You are indeed the #1 in America. I can't wait to see more of your performance... I am feeling apprehensive of sending the videos [to my commanders] as we are really no match of your drills."

-Alan Poh
Army National Drill Team, Singapore

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" guys are the most extreme [drill] team in the world!"

-Sgt. Puente
Army, United States


The NGA Cross on Cross
New Guard America's owner/founder, Constantine Wilson, has been training championship and world class drill teams for over 35 years, including the US Navy Ceremonial Guard Drill Team, and currently holds nine World Records in rifle exhibition drill.